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This game is the rpg backstory to ArenaTM Colosseum Battles. The Pit Battles mini game that was released  earlier this year is one of the 3 major battles that will be included in the rpg.

It was sold as a 'dual bundle' 2 in 1 package along with one of my most popular mini game titles "Long Shot".  

If you'd like to purchase the Pit Battle mini game starring "Hugo", the main character in the backstory rpg, click here.

* Included with version: "Archery Challenge" mini game.

Development & Instagram Channel Shout Outs:

It will be continuously developed & reposted! Follow me  on Instagram and join the dozens of other gamedevs I linked up with that will be helping me test play and promote this upcoming title.

Huge thanks gamedevfly, gamedevtv, alex_newkicks, slc39503, gcpremiumoutlet, legsonice, keviigaming, Tortuga, BUtt Tree, and all other gamedevs and Instagram influencers for helping me make this possible!

Extended Version release:

If you'd like to purchase a copy of the extended version, subscribe here for free. Ill make posting on social media in my Instagram (@thenigmartist) account to let everyone know when and where.

* If you become an itch.io fan & donate, PLEASE hmu on Instagram! Asap! Enough said. Sales proceeds & donation help our studio to continue to grow, as well as continue the production of "free games" for everyone to enjoy!


Free 2 Play version will remain on itch.io (mini game version) for everyone to enjoy.

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