*This is a work in progress, and still in it's early stage of production! It's a single stage, single battle scenario. 



 D-pad, buttons, and triggers or keyboard (up,down.left & right arrows) + buttons (A, S, E, D, R, F, T, G) + L1, L2, R1, & R2 

*L1 & L2 = SPECIAL ATTACKS  R1 & R2 CHARACTER ASSISTS (Shotgun soldier/mech walker


Player 2 controls: MECH NINJA

Left thumbstick (jump, defend, left/right run) & L3 (push/click to fire projectiles)

Right thumbstick:  (SPECIAL(UP), SPECIAL HEAL/REGENERATE(HOLD DOWN), left sword attack, right sword attack) & R3 (push/click to fire projectiles) 


I will be posting the full title in the future, but I'd like to get your thoughts!


Development log